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Electric Vehicle Dealers in India:

Grow Your Business as an EV Dealer With EGaadi:

We at EGaadi help the top electric vehicle dealers in India grow in the right direction. We help them enjoy tremendous growth in their sales by giving them the outreach that they look for. If you have an electric vehicle dealership and want to list your services on the best platform, then you are at the right place to boost your sales. 

Wide Range of features to Grow your Business and be a Leader in EV industry:

EGaadi is the best aggregator of EV dealers in cities across the country. Our platform can help the suppliers for electric vehicles get in touch with the end-to-end solutions. Do you deal in wholesale electric cars and want to boost your sales? With EGaadi, you can connect with the desired customers. 

Electric Vehicle Dealers FAQs:

On auto-rickshaw services delivered through e-commerce platforms, there is a 5% GST.

The EV industry in India is exploding, and the OLA electric scooter dealership is a lucrative business. You will encounter some early hurdles as their dealer, but you will earn up to 25% of the sales value.

As a result, it is clear that in such supplies, UPS/inverters would be subject to an 18% GST rate under category 8504, while external batteries will be subject to the appropriate GST rate under the heading 8507. (28 percent for all batteries except lithium-ion battery).

In India, 3,29,190 electric cars were sold in 2021, a 168 percent increase over the 1,22,607 units sold the previous year. 2-Wheelers and low-speed L3 Category 3-Wheelers are the most common electric vehicles, with a combined market share of 90%.

While other dealers make a lot of money from after-sale services, electric car dealers make practically little money from after-sales services. Profitability will increase with more electric vehicles on road.

Although the rise from 8% to 11% may appear little, it will still be advantageous for dealerships. Dealerships might anticipate receiving up to Rs 2,000 more per transaction than they are already getting.

Electric scooters are often more expensive than petrol scooters outright; however, the cost has decreased thanks to government incentives. However, for the time being, gasoline scooters are less expensive. Because electric scooters have fewer parts, they are also easier to maintain and have lower maintenance expenses.

The pricing of a Mahindra Treo electric rickshaw begins at Rs 1.36 lakhs

In India, a bike conversion kit cost between Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 90,000.

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