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EV Door Step Service Workshop:

EV Door Step Service In India For Quick Solutions

EV door step service in India is not a dream anymore. With the increase in the number of electric vehicles, many companies have entered the sphere of providing doorstep services. They have the Doorstep Service Van, which is a self-contained workshop-on-wheels. It comes fully equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to conduct routine maintenance and small repairs on your car. 

Reach Out to Your Nearest EV Door Step Service Providers at egaadi

To guarantee that you experience the best ev door step service in India at your leisure, we have listed many service providers on our platform. All you need to do is to click the place where you live, select the provider, and they will reach out to you for your help. 

EV Door Step Service FAQs:

On the street and in key locations such as shopping malls, public charging stations can be found. The quick-charging network allows you to charge your electric car faster and more efficiently while on the go. To acquire an 80 percent charge, it usually takes 20 minutes.

If you're driving an electric car and it runs out of juice, the quick answer is that it will stop—and you'll need to contact roadside assistance to have it towed to an electric vehicle charging station.

It's as simple as charging any other electronic gadget. All you have to do is plug the vehicle into any available charging stations for e vehicles in India.

Is it possible to charge my top electric cars in India? You can charge it at home, yes. You can charge from an AC outlet using a Type 1 AC charger; however, it is too slow at 3 kWh. The Type 2 or wallbox charger is generally installed (for free) at home by automobile companies and is quicker.

You need to recharge it or replace it. For this, you can call the EV doorstep service nearest to you. Select your location on egaadi platform and contact the service provider to help you with the charging problems.

To keep charged, most EV drivers plug in to a charging station every time they park. Drivers may need to charge while on the road, which necessitates the use of higher-powered chargers. You may start charging by plugging in or using an app, contactless card, or RFID card, depending on your region.

According to Consumer Reports, the typical EV battery pack has a lifespan of roughly 200,000 miles, or nearly 17 years if driven 12,000 miles per year.

No, it is very economical. You can simply check out the list of service providers from egaadi and book the ones that suit your budget.

You need to book your services at least 2 hours in advance so that the service providers can reach out to you on time.

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